We have identified a gap in the market for the cost-effective provision of strategic and operational guidance to businesses of all sizes and at all stages of development.

When seeking external advice, our target clients are typically forced to choose between engaging advisors who possess a limited skillset and capacity or a large agency that may neither be affordable nor likely to provide the attention desired. Our typical clients are founder-led businesses at various stages seeking insight, mentoring, and practical expertise, often immediately prior to raising capital for growth or transition, or larger companies seeking operational leverage to execute tactical and strategic initiatives that otherwise are delayed due to limited internal capacity or prioritization. 

We fill this gap for our clients with tools and insights drawing on our collective experience, including developing strategies for improving revenues and margin through data collection, data analytics, trend and financial analyses, and other proven value-creation techniques. This approach allows us to deliver tailored plans for clients seeking to develop a sustainable competitive advantage or prepare for a future financing round or exit to strategic or financial buyers.


Pre-Transaction Advisory

We built our pre-transaction advisory practice after seeing far too many business owners show up on the other side of the table to sell their business or take on capital without proper preparation, understanding, or guidance. Selling or taking an investment in your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. Proper planning, execution, and understanding of the process and steps lead to greater value and more confidence in the decision you are making. 

Operational and Financial Improvements

Business owners and their employees have plates that are full (or overflowing). Consultants who come in with “ideas” are just heaping more onto those plates. Our operational and financial improvement practice takes a look at your business operations, identifies improvements with measurable cost savings, and designs and supports implementation. We act as an external resource that finds and implements ways for your business to save money. This helps our clients make back multiples of what they pay us.

Acquisition Management

We manage our private equity sponsors' or holding companies' due diligence, legal, and other transaction-related processes, and our collective transaction experience allows us to do so efficiently, keeping processes moving and flagging important issues that require the involvement of the owner or sponsor. These clients come to us on a repeat basis thanks to the operating leverage we provide them without an associated fixed cost or carry-sharing.


Through Valedor's s Data Science Services Team, Valedor deploys powerful analytics typically available only to large corporations. Valedor Business Laboratory performs scientific simulations and model-based analysis for mid-size and large businesses and government organizations. We’re creating the best problem-solving company in the world using techniques from science.