• George uses the very latest scientific techniques and methods to improve the performance of mid-size and large organizations through problem-solving, the optimization of existing practices and advanced forecasting

  • 37 years of experience in corporate strategy, specifically operational and financial analysis, across a wide variation of industries

  • Author of the best-selling books, "Profit from Science" and "The Executive How-To Guide to Automation"

George Danner

Business Models​

Applying data science to the architecture of a business model often yields surprising and actionable insights. This is especially relevant for companies in sectors undergoing tectonic shifts. 

Business Processes

Often, we find that relatively modest investments in automation and/or analytics can generate significant and immediate efficiencies / increases in profitability. 

(Physical) Assets

Valedor's data sciences team has significant expertise in optimizing physical assets. This often occurs without requiring significant additional capex and in some cases allows for the reduction of assets while maintaining the same output.






Monitor & Adjust

Pick the right problem, engage the right experts; make system diagrams of the problem at hand

Craft the appropriate model and method using relevant data

Use the model to generate insight as to how the system could be made better, faster, and cheaper

On-the-ground resources to implement the insights

Use KPIs to keep the plans on track, and circle back to optimize and execute steps in progress

Add some info about this book - and a button to view more information on Amazon

Add some info about this book - and a button to view more information on Amazon



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