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Newly Formed Data Science Services to be Led by George Danner

September 3, 2020 7:30 AM Central Daylight Time

HOUSTON, TX – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Award-winning Data Scientist and CEO of Business Laboratory, LLC, George E. Danner, joins Valedor Partners, LLC (“Valedor”) as Partner and Chief Data Scientist leading Valedor Data Science Services (“DSS”).

Valedor Data Science Services

As companies digitally transform and swim in an ocean of data, asking and answering the right questions has become painfully complex for business leaders, boards, and other stakeholders. In the face of such challenges, Valedor DSS uses advances in modeling and analytical techniques combined with powerful software tools and algorithms to empower forward-thinking companies and help them solve critical problems, potentially upgrading business performance with reasonable costs, short time frames, and high ROIs.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Valedor Partners in its mission to create enhanced value for its investors and clients. Data Science has emerged as one of the fundamental business tools of this automation era, and we intend to use it aggressively on behalf of our portfolio company management teams and clients,” said George Danner.

The Valedor DSS team has addressed complex problems for global clients, including public and private companies and governments, across numerous industries and markets, including energy, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, commercial real estate, medical, logistics, and supply chain management.

“George and his team help public and private companies better understand their business and the challenges they face through systems mapping, simulation models, and other data analytics tools. The results of these models provide companies the information they desperately need to implement change that can drive significant and tangible performance improvement. We are excited to deliver this value to our consulting clients and our own portfolio companies by bringing on George to lead Valedor DSS,” stated Jeremy Radcliffe, a founding partner at Valedor.

About Valedor

Valedor is a merchant bank providing consulting solutions to early-stage and mature businesses and curated private investment opportunities to institutional and family office investors on a deal-by-deal basis, in the pursuit of long-term value.


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