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Dag Syrrist

Dag has a broad range of venture, fund management, business development, public policy, and regulatory experience accumulated over more than 30 years in the venture industry in the U.S. and Europe. He was a co-founder of Global BSN, a private network of 15 Fortune 100 companies incubating start-ups to address enterprise needs, and prior to that was a co-founder of Vision Capital, a transatlantic VC firm. He was VP at Technology Funding, a national venture firm with multiple equity and venture debt funds and more  than 200 portfoliio companies. Dag has chaired and worked with numerous private and governmental advisory and policy boards in technology and regulatory affairs, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, National Science Foundation, White House Office of Science and Technology, estern Governors Association, Sandia, Hanford, and Oakridge national laboratories, and NATO Scientific Advisory Board. He has also served on the board of numerous U.S. and European emerging and growth-stage technology and services companies. 

David Bloch

David Bloch co-founded and was general counsel of Iron Creek Ventures, a private equity firm focused on distressed commercial real estate debt. At Iron Creek he helped acquire and resolve close to 50 deals across the United States, playing key roles in deal sourcing, due diligence, asset management, governance, compliance, capital formation, and all strategic decisions. He has also managed and served on the boards of private funds and an investment advisor focused on asset-backed lending and other hedge fund strategies. 

David is a senior advisor on alternative investments to Meridian Investments Limited, a single-family office investing globally across asset classes, and is experienced leading private equity, credit, and venture direct and fund investments in the U.S. and Europe, formulating asset allocation strategies for charitable institutions, and governance issues affecting for- and non-profit entities. 



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