We aren't just guides.
We help to carry
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Valedor was founded to leverage the collective experience and network of its partners to provide capital and expertise in pursuit of exceptional performance.

Valedor Partners' business strategy is akin to the merchant banks of the past whereby fee-based advisory work provides the flexibility to pursue direct investment opportunities while leveraging the same human capital. At Valedor, our experience as investors informs our advisory work. Our advisory work supports our investment business. Over time, we expect that our advisory business will generate a significant amount of its revenue from our own portfolio companies, while maintaining independence to provide the same high-quality advice to other small and large enterprises. The value proposition to our customers is clear: impactful strategic and operational consulting on par with, but at a discount to, that provided by bulge-bracket firms. 


Skin in the game.

Valedor’s partners will deploy meaningful capital in each opportunity directly and/or through the Valedor Partners Fund.

Deal-by-deal approach.

We believe our approach will be attractive to investors who seek discrete investment opportunities as opposed to blind-pool funds, where due diligence is limited to evaluating a general partner, strategy, business cycle, and past track record.

Strategic advantage.

We will seek opportunities in which we believe we can use our operational, financial, and technological expertise to create long-term value through durable profit improvements resulting in higher growth, cash flow, and returns.


With the exception of upstream and midstream energy and real estate (sectors we generally plan to avoid in the current cycle due to high levels of local, organized capital managed by qualified sponsors), we are relatively agnostic about sector or industry, and are flexible as to where we fit within a capital structure so long as we believe the opportunity exists to enact meaningful operational change.

Asymmetrical Returns.

We seek to structure our investments to achieve strong returns on invested

capital while also limiting our downside risk through asset coverage, preferred structures, staged

investments (equity lines), and/or active involvement and value-added initiatives.


Our deal-by-deal approach increases odds of success by building a more aligned, committed investor group and by allowing the ability to include industry experts.

This strategy moderates problems associated with traditional private fund investments by mitigating exposure to the typical delays in realizing investment returns and suboptimal exits. The deal-by-deal structure also allows our platform to earn and carry on successful deals more quickly, as these are neither delayed until the return of the capital deployed elsewhere nor offset against low returns on unsuccessful deals, as they would be in a typical fund structure. 


Our mission is to provide curated private investment opportunities on a deal-by-deal basis to investors alongside whom we materially commit our own capital in the pursuit of long-term value. 


We believe that attractive private investment opportunities for individuals, family offices, and institutions exist outside of traditional, blind-pool private equity and venture capital fund structures. 



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