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Valedor Partners, LLC - SelfStudy, Inc. Press Release

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

HOUSTON – Valedor Partners, LLC, a merchant banking firm focused on private equity and venture capital investments, today announced its lead participation in SelfStudy, Inc.’s $5 million Series A financing round.

SelfStudy’s industry-leading AI powers a B2B SaaS platform providing precision learning experiences for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals completing required certification and continuing education. Its innovative learning system personalizes specialized education, making knowledge transfer faster, more engaging, and far more efficient.

Valedor advised SelfStudy’s incubator, the International Anesthesia Research Society, in effecting the company’s spinout and led the first outside financing round. Valedor partner Dag Syrrist, who recently joined the SelfStudy board, said, “We are thrilled to support SelfStudy in its efforts to scale rapidly. It’s the only comprehensive platform that addresses the recent shift from periodic, in-person testing of medical professionals to online, continuous assessment, allowing doctors and nurses to maintain their certification and complete relevant continuing education tailored to what each professional needs to know. Its content-agnostic platform also has broad applicability to all aspects of professional learning and digital knowledge transfer, so we are enthusiastic about SelfStudy’s potential to expand to other self-regulating industries, higher education, and professional development.”

“We are excited to work with Valedor as a scaling partner,” said SelfStudy CEO Brenda McLaughlin. “With our first institutional funding secured, we are ready to relaunch our product line and add to our growing list of reference customers. Valedor is the ideal partner to help us do that.”

About Valedor Partners, LLC Founded in 2018, Valedor is a Houston-based private equity and merchant banking firm with additional offices in the Bay Area and Washington, DC. Valedor's principals apply their diverse skill sets and decades of experience as founders, investors, and C-level executives for the benefit of Valedor's investors, portfolio companies, and advisory clients.

About SelfStudy, Inc. SelfStudy is a B2B SaaS company in Burlingame, CA dedicated to using artificial intelligence to deliver true personalized learning. SelfStudy starts personalizing the learning journey the moment a user begins interacting with it. It matches online experiences to the user’s immediate interests and learning needs and recalibrates on every interaction, creating an individualized learning experience that is both efficient and engaging, where the information learners seek finds them. SelfStudy was recognized as a “Cool Tool Finalist” in the 2019 EdTech Awards.

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