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What's Shakin'?

March 11, 2021

Newlight Technologies, Inc., a Valedor portfolio company, recently announced an agreement with Shake Shack to introduce sustainable AirCarbon cutlery and straws from its subsidiary, Restore Foodware, at select Shake Shack locations across the US. The announcement was covered in Forbes and QSR Magazine, among others.

Newlight ‘s patented process produces a marine biodegradable polymer with plastic-like qualities called PHB using greenhouse gas as a feedstock. Valedor is excited to have played a role in helping to finance this innovative company and expects many more milestones ahead.

Forward-thinking companies like Shake Shack are critical to Newlight’s ultimate success. “Shake Shack has been committed to elevating the guest experience and taking care of our community since our early beginnings,” says Jeffrey Amoscato, Senior VP Supply Chain & Menu Innovation. “We’re always seeking new, innovative ways to become more sustainable as a business and continue our mission of Standing for Something Good, and that applies to the packaging and ingredients we use and their impact on our planet. By working with change-making products in the industry, like Restore’s AirCarbon cutlery and straws, we will be able to learn and apply more environmentally friendly solutions to our operations now and over time.”

It is a perfect marriage between Restore Foodwares’ AirCarbon cutlery and Shake Shack, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.


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